Occasionally you come across one of those stories that is hard to believe, unless you were there or get a chance to interview the persons involved.  T...View Details

At last, we get to the end of the 5-part Thriving Through Change series. In part 5, we give you the 6-piece tool kit to help you navigate change. Ther...View Details

Thrive Through Change Part 4 How to cope with change using the Hudson change model When we are facing change, we can feel like we are alone, be afraid...View Details

Life Skills for Life's Journey Are you building the life skills needed to succeed in life's journey? Whether you're long in the tooth, or still findin...View Details

Do you have messes from the past that won't go away? Unpleasant memories, thoughts and emotions tied to something that should be long forgotten? Movin...View Details

This is the third episode on our series on how to Thrive Through Change. Specifically, this episode is all about How To Deal With Stress. Change is st...View Details

Do you like yourself?  no, I mean really ... do you LIKE yourself? Very often we tend to look around and think that society has the opposite problem -...View Details

In the news, every day right now is a brewing battle between sports superstar Israel Folau and his ex-employer Rugby Australia. Israel is fighting his...View Details

In episode 49, Guy laid out the first 3 of 13 principles that are vital to helping you thrive through change. Finally, part 2 is here, Guy and Chris d...View Details

In episode 52 of Real Talk 4 Real Men, Chris reflects and shares his thoughts having just buried his 88-year-old dad, Clive Field, just 5 days before....View Details

Are you living a life that is unsustainable, or has something changed in your life that has suddenly thrown everything you assumed and believed into q...View Details

Yea ... this is our 50th podcast. A moment to celebrate and reflect on what we have covered in the first 50 episodes. Discover: How many countries our...View Details

As life speeds up, change is coming thicker and faster than ever. If we aren't smart about preparing ourselves for change, then we can run into really...View Details

Real Talk 4 Real Men is back after a southern summer break ... And Chris and Guy hit hard right off the bat with OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM. As usual, you ca...View Details

"The greatest surprise in life for me is the brevity of Life" - Billy Graham. It seems like just a few years I was marveling at the graphics on the Co...View Details

Is fear stopping you achieving your goals, your big dreams, perhaps even sabotaging your life? Fear is a prison with ever decreasing walls. But you ca...View Details

A few hours sleep ... Not getting work done ... Skipping parties ... That was Luke Gibbon's life - all because of porn. What started out as something ...View Details

How close are you to burning out? Could you even recognize the signs? In this episode of Real Talk 4 Real Men, Chris and Guy outline the 3 signs you n...View Details

This is the story of one man who was trapped in an addiction that was so deep, there is a $100billion dollar industry supplying the drug. The drug is ...View Details

Life seems to be getting crazier by the day.  Frequently we can't keep up with our existing 'problems' let alone handle new ones.  But what if there w...View Details

In College, Michael Jordan had to play second fiddle to the taller Harvest Leroy Smith. But Jordan did not accept this.  Even though he couldn't make ...View Details

  THE book you should have to go alongside your Bible.  A big call? Listen to episode 40 of Real Talk 4 Real Men to find out why this is the case.   T...View Details

We all will experience problems in life, with some affecting us so badly that we can categorize it as trauma. But how is it that two people can suffer...View Details

You can go to a motivational speaker and get reved up to make changes in your life, You can read a self help book and change the way you are thinking ...View Details

  Back in the 1940's, Clive knew what he wanted to do with his life.  He wanted to build houses.  In those post-great depression times, choices were l...View Details

Using Science to Drive Fitness for Men over 40 Do you have trouble making head or tail out of all the fitness plans out there? Should I do cardio? Sho...View Details

We all hear the news. We all know people we have respected, people who have blessed our lives or done great things. But then something happens ... we ...View Details

Most reality TV shows focus on generating ratings from conflict, humiliations, titillation and largely negative content in relationships.  So it came ...View Details

Have you stopped to think about what your children need most from you? In this podcast, Clive Field returns from episode #2 to share what he learnt ov...View Details

Have you ever set health and fitness goals for yourself at the start of a new year? Of course you have.  But did you achieve them?  Very few do of us ...View Details

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